“Once upon a time…”

As a Wholesale and retail saxophone trader, I was looking for a unique gift for my costumers. I wanted to give something typical Belgium. The Belgium gastronomy has a good reputation – a specialty that I surrender myself to without hesitation.

Our fries, chocolate, Brussels sprouts and Belgian waffles are worldwide know. But in the list “food & beverages”, our beer is the absolute winner. The roots of Belgian beer go back to the middle ages . The richness of Belgian beers are internationally praised by reputable beer experts, such as Michaël Jackson.* (*not the late “King of Pop”)

So, with that knowledge, it was very obvious to give Belgian beer as a present. But what beer? There are over 1000 different Belgian beers. The choice was so difficult that I decided to created yet another beer!

My own beer

It had to be a new creation, not just an existing beer with a different label. “Stick to what you know” – a saying I took to heart. In the search for a brewery that could help develop my own beer, I came across microbrewery Den Triest in Kapelle-op-den-Bos. The brewer Marc Struyf is a creative out-of-the-box thinker who in addition to his passion for beer, also appreciates a glass of good whiskey. We hit it off right away. We put our heads together and the collaboration resulted in the birth of an amber delicacy of 6.5°.

The beer was named “Adolphe Sax” – to the Belgian inventor of the saxophone. Together with Hans Dijckmans, a gifted graphic artist from Bruges, the label was designed. It happened – in 2012 – that Belgium had yet another great beer!