We chose to create an amber beer. Amber beer is part of the Belgian beer history. It was introduced in the early 1900s and was known as the ‘Special Belge. After World War I it was launched as “English style Victory beer.”

Adolphe Sax® is an unfiltered, natural, high fermentation beer with 6.5 ° alcohol. Secondary fermentation in the bottle, brewed with 100% natural ingredients, without artificial foam improvers, preservatives, sweeteners, colorings or flavours.


Belgian Hops label

Because Adolphe Sax ® beer stands for Belgian Belgian history and quality we opted for 100% Belgian hops. The beer was rewarded with the “Belgian Hops” label.

The taste

Well balanced herbal taste with a light fruitiness and a pleasant, mildly bitter aftertaste. Unlike some beer, the bitterness of this beer is not sticking in the mouth too long. That makes this beer – in our opinion – a beer with character, yet pleasant and smooth drinkable.

Given the somewhat bitter sediment in the bottle, you can decide not to pour the full content into the glass. It is advisable to keep the bottle upright,  or when it was kept horizontal, before pouring out, let it stabilize for fifteen minutes.

The ideal serving temperature is between 7 to 9 ° C.